Canning Process

  • Mature seedlings in the greenhouse ready for planting
  • Transplants on the tomato planter
  • New plants in the field
  • Trickle irrigation strip waters at the roots, conserves natural resources
  • Trickle irrigation strip
  • Tomatoes ripening
  • Ready for harvest
  • Nice tomato set ready for harvest
  • Harvesting
  • Harvesting on the family farm
  • All these tomatoes and more will be canned in a few hours
  • Ready for sorting and washing
  • Washing and floating into the plant
  • Washing, next step is sorting
  • Hand sorting is followed by electronic eye sorter
  • The brine room holds big kettles where the tomato juice, sauce and seasonings are added in the canning process
  • Peeled tomatoes are floating to next station
  • Tomatoes are diced and ready to be filled into cans
  • Cans are being sent down to be filled
  • Filled cans are going in for vacuum sealing and washing
  • Cans are labeled
  • Cans are packed in trays for shipment to the grocery store
  • Great tasting Furmano’s tomatoes from our field to your table

There’s no secret to our great tasting tomato products. We simply grow the reddest, sweetest tomatoes we can, pick them at the peak of freshness and pack them within 24 hours. The ingredients we use are hard work, good sense, and a desire to make the best tasting tomato products available. 

Sure, there is a little more to it. It starts in the fields of our trusted family farms where we harvest the tomatoes at the peak of ripeness, load them on our trucks and make the same day journey to the canning plant in Northumberland. 

Once the trucks arrive the tomatoes are immediately tested for color, weight, and ripeness. Only the best make it into the canning process. The tomatoes are washed and prepared for processing (crushed, sliced, diced or whole peeled). Ingredients, herbs and seasonings (if applicable) are added, and the tomato products are filled in cans. The heat from the canning process is just like the traditional canning methods you may use on your stove. We capture the vitamins, minerals and flavor at the peak of freshness so you can enjoy them all year long. 

Each batch is cooked to Furmano’s quality standards. The products are tested a second time in line to assure proper color, texture and taste. After cooling, cans are dated and labeled and shipped to your favorite market. We deliver Furmano’s products fresh from our fields to your table.